right so iv got a gig coming up soon an its my 1st time playin on a stage an tbh im brickin it, has any1 got any tips on how to over comes nerves or owt?
Have fun first of all. If you're able to enjoy yourself then your confidence will build up. Bring that confidence onstage with you and just do your thing. Also, make sure that you practice your parts.
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Not always easy to deal with.the other guitarist in one of my bands used to say he must've ate bad chicken or something every night we played out. he'd say "If I make a run for the bathroom you just gotta carry it until the end of the song, y'know!" He never did make the run for the bathroom and I'd always say isn't it funy you always get "food Poisoning" on the night of our shows. He always denied it was nerves. Just remember how many people have the balls to even try to do what your about to do, and how many have the ability even if they wanted to, and any respectable musician would give credit for the attempt even if they're better than you unless they're an a@@hole or you walk around with some major ego trip going. SO dont be afraid. "be fearless in your art" And rock it like you own it. And just remember unless you have a train wreck most mistakes will go unnoticed. Don't shake your head, or make dissapointed faces just carry on like you meant to do it.
Just do your thing and enjoy doing it. You'll get more comfortable with it over time.
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Practice your songs inside out. If you know them well enough you won't screw up even if you're incredibly nervous. Otherwise the more you gig, the less nervous you'll become.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Have fun. if you mess up, no one will probably be able to tell, so just have fun and dont worry.

Oh, one thing my track coach (varsity, just saying....) Said: if you feel nervous before a meet, just think positive. I will run, I will run well, I will win. So apply that to your show.
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