I had to sell my last guitar and I now in a position to get a new one. I have a $600 budget and am really torn about what direction I should take my search because I am cheap and want to make sure I get a good guitar.

I normally play country and like the dreadnoughts. I have been looking at Seagull (Maritime), Guild, BlueRidge, along with some others that are solid wood. What are the best acoustic guitars to look at with a $600 budget? ANY help is greatly appreciated.
If you're looking for all-solid woods in a dread at that price point, I'd go with the Seagull Maritime SWS HG (High Gloss). Spruce over mahogany, full-sized dread (I've actually found that Seagull dreads are slightly larger). At GC it's about $700, but I'm sure you can find a better deal somewhere, if not save up and grab it. If solid back and sides aren't a priority, I always recommend the Seagull S6 Original or Coastline Spruce. In the end, it's your choice. Try some guitars out and find the one that suits you. Good luck.
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you don't mention your preferred nut width, but i definitely recommend these:

blueridge br-140 with solid sitka top, solid mahogany b&s and 1 11/16" nut, love the tone

blueridge br-140A with solid adirondack top, solid mahogany b&s and 1 3/4" nut, love that adi tone

guild GAD-25 - all solid mahogany, beautiful finish, great tone, hardshell case

recording king all solid 1 11/16" nut short scale, scalloped bracing. i haven't played this exact model but they make some nice traditional guitars. not in my ears as nice as blueridge but definitely nice, and some people prefer rk.

and don't forget the epiphone masterbilt line - all solid woods, and while my faves, they're decent guitars. some players like 'em a lot.

while i love the seagull original s6 and coastline models, not to mention the entourage mini jumbo, i'm not in love with the sound of their all solid models.
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Thanks for the help! Which one of these would you consider to be the best buy if the were all the same price?

Guild GAD-50e
Blueridge BR243
Seagull Maritime
you're comparing an acoustic mahogany b&s 000 (the blueridge) to an acoustic electric rosewood b&s dread (the guild). they're going to sound very different.

i'd compare the blueridge to the guild GAD-30, which is closer to the same size and uses the same woods. that would be harder to decide and would depend on your personal preferences. you couldn't go wrong with either guitar at that point. they are both great sounding, and much better sounding than you'd expect from the price.

if you wanted to compare the guild GAD-50e to the same size and materials and acoustic-electricness, you would compare it to the blueridge br-160ce http://www.maurysmusic.com/inc/sdetail/blueridge_br_163ce/52957/89524
again, they both sound good, although i prefer a cutaway myself for extra easy fret reach, but you can't go wrong with either.

i feel the seagulls don't sound as good, although they don't sound bad. if it were me, i'd leave them out of the running.

as far as value - i tend to buy by tone and comfort only, but i'd say that both blueridge and guild are very good values for the tone and quality. how good a value you get depends partly on where you buy it. for example, maury's has a better price on blueridge guitars than almost anyone else.
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I agree with everything you just said which leads me to the Guild. I like dreads better. Honestly, I have never played a mahogony backed guitar. How does it sound compared to rosewood? I play country 99% of the time and rosewood has always sounded good. The Blueridge is only being considered because somebody is selling theirs for $500. I am going to look at it tomorrow.
rosewood has more overtones and often a darker tone, mahogany has a clean tone with less overtones. some of the classic guitars are mahogany. i like 'em both myself, but i find rosewood often has too much going on to be good for leads or some kinds of fingerstyle.
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I ended up buying a Guild GAD-50e from somebody for $500. This guitar blows my old Seagull away.