Hi UG, I currently have an Epi Sheraton II with a Gibson ES-335 American-made harness (Luxe bumblebee caps and all), and I recently acquired a Mojotone version of the same harness (with the Vitamin T caps). I was wondering if there would be any tone difference if I were to switch the two harnesses, or if anyone has switched their stock Gibson ES-335 for a Mojotone harness? The current bumblebee caps seem to make the tone cut sound kind of boxy and muffled instead of mellow and warm... might the vitamin T caps fix this? Would switching the harness only affect the tone controls, since the caps are the only big difference, right?

here's a link to the new harness: http://www.mojotone.com/guitar-parts/guitar-assemblies-prewired-gibson-style/ES-335-3-Way-Prewired-Assembly

Also, I think the Gibson harness doesn't have the volume mod, but I'm not sure...

the bumblebee caps are 0.022 uF @ 400v, POI (paper in oil?)
the vitamin t caps are 0.022 uF @ 600v, oil filled
I'm new to the modding stuff, so what's the significance of the difference between 400v and 600v (would it make any difference in this case) and the cap construction material?

I have a 57 classic in the neck and a 57 classic plus in the bridge if it matters, playing into a Vox AC15 C1.

Thanks! =)
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