Hey folks,

I'm currently working on my bending technique (read: trying to play the solo for Seize the Day by A7X), but I've reached a bit of an impasse.
When I bend upwards or downwards everything sounds just spiffy. However, when I release the bend I inevitably get a ring from an adjacent string. While it's usually not extremely noticeable, it doesn't allow me to play very loudly without sounding god-awful. Any ideas as to how to correct this?
I can post a video if absolutely necessary, I'm just not too computer-savvy. Thanks in advance!

Eric K.
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What I do is rest my fretting fingers just slightly over the higher strings and the pointer finger of my fretting hand rests on the lower ones, which also results in a rake if picked correctly. Which IMO adds much more to bends in general.
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Don't let the bends snap, return them back to normal position with your finger and don't release until it's back to a position where it won't snap

Also, that solo is a bitch
what I do when I bend is use mye index middle and ring finger to bend (with the ring finger fretting the note and the other two to get some extra strength behind the bend). then when I release the bend I let go with my index finger (since it doesn't require as much strength to release the bend than it takes to perform the bend) and lay it over the other strings to mute them.
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