This is my 3000th post since joining, nearly all of them have been in MT. I just noticed 2999 in my profile. You can lock this if you want, but I have really enjoyed my time here, Mods are great, Alan, Axe, Free, you do a great job always holding it down.

To the countless others who are here helping others, this is part of why this is my favorite online place, and I respect so many of you that give your time and advice (the vast majority of the time in a mature helpful way) helping others, and for those who are toughing it out, learning bit by bit, keep at it, stay strong and have fun!

Thanks for 3000 chances to be a part of this great group of people!

Mods, you can lock it if you like, I don't mind.


haha congrats dude
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Nice one, I'm sure they've helped alot. I have about 2000 but probably not as helpful.

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Hopefully you stick around for another 3000.

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Gratz dude!

It would still be good to have a jam sometime, I'll give ya a buzz whenever I go to Texas.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
If this was my forum I'd lock it

just kidding Sean, you know how much my opinion of you has changed since your early posts
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Wow... that was fast. Keep up the great work!

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