The title is pretty self-explanatory, but how would I go about using chromatics in songs or when I'm just jamming? Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!
being a jazz guitarist, I've learned that chromatics can be used in many different situations in a variety of ways. mostly, they are used as passing tones to other notes. sometimes they are helpful when building chords to go along with melodies/harmonies. sometimes they sound good all on their own.

my advice is to avoid trying to play the chromatic scale in order and make it sound good. it works in segments, but stick to actual scales and fill in when needed with chromatics.
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While it is not exclusively the domain of jazz -- the jazzers have it .. Joe Pass is a great example.

Pat Martino is another great who does some really smart chromatic runs.

But it would be a huge mistake to think that playing a chromatic scale is particularly musical -- it's the creative use of chromatic runs that adds spice to strong solos.

In Pat Martino's case, he will outline chords and play with extensions and alterations and connect ideas with chromatic embellishments, but he always has a target in mind -- he knows he is going to land on the root of the next chord, for example.
Like the others said, as long as you don't stagnate on the note, you'll be fine.