There is a squier fender stratocaster guitar for sale near me. ( I know, I know, Squier)

And it is only the body and the neck. (no electronics, pickups, strings)

For 50$.

Is it worth me buying so I can put my own pickups and electronics into it and make a killer, clean tone, guitar? Or will the basic basis of a Squier quality strat ruin it before it began?

I've really enjoyed working on an old peavey tracer I picked up for a pretty penny more than that (around 200). It's taught me how to do a lot of stuff and came out with a unique tone, it even plays surprisingly well. I don't know your financial situation but I'd say go for it, it's only fifty bucks and you can't take money with you!

Also you could just get some cheapish pickups and stuff and paint it. It's like a canvas of infinite potential assuming it's playable and not broken.
$50 and you don't have it? GET IT! That's an awesome price, considering you don't need anything really expensive to buy.
I have a first act from walmart, i tore that thing apart and made it into a fretless with all new electronics, the thing is bad ass, i would argue that the best experimental guitars are the cheap ones
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Actually it comes with uninstalled "Mexican fender pickups" too.

So if I ditch the project, Then I can always pop those in as a 'whatever' guitar.
I'd say the pickups are worth at least $30-50. Go buy it now!!!(not now of course...its 11 pm)
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do it, pretty common feedback here!
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i say go for it.
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