ok so my phaez is now on the block
as some of you know its a 2 channel tone monster of a thing.
-1st clean channel is the best clean i ever heard. its a blackface clean that supersedes the real thing.
-2nd channel is pure over driven plexi. goes from heavy blues to classic rock/metal crunch

THEN on top of that there is a gain switch that puts it into the insane territoty, a bit more than daisycutter/slo territory. randy says its very similar to the caswell mod that cost about $700 alone. this channel is my favorite and does early metallica real well as well as anything else in that domain (VH brown if you will)

it has the usual appointments on/off and standby switches etc etc.
note this is TRUE PTP no boards of any sort in here.
this is my perfect amp and i would never of parted with it...
except unfortunatly...
I need to sell it due to the need of a new car. I have been playing less and less (not this amp but as a whole) so im cutting back on equipment so I can afford a new car and replace my ageing 1997 celica.

it is mint and has been used extremely lightly - light as in I testes it and never got back to it. really unfortunate but my nine to five and guitar building is on call first.

the tubes I have for this are kt77s for power (think el34 but a little bit tighter and having a bit more sizzle.) and I have some jan/philips 5751s for the pre. it with this combo it can really be as aggressive or as tame as you want. tight but not loosing its organic feel. I also have 2 JJ ecc83 s (12ax7) if you want me to sub for tha jan philips to really put gain over the top and get a grittier feel from it.

There is no head cab which doesnt bother me b/c i play at home. i was in the middle of a head cab build for this but now that project is on hold. it can be easily shipped safe w/ no head cab if that is an issue, and custom head cabs can be had pretty cheap. you could also wait until i finish building a head cab but be warned if you want that the price will go up a bit (im using figured cherry) and you will have to wait a short amount of time.
also looking at the pictures he put in upgraded USA made transformers both output and power.

$1000 Or Best Offer + there is no wait time! if you interested in a head cab just let me know.


this also reminds me. he put in upgraded transformers both output and power.