Ok, so I searched around a little before this, and could find anything. My amp make an awful humming noise i guess you could say. Its obviously coming from the gain, because it is worse when the gain is higher. i know its not my guitar or leads cause all guitars/leads produce same problem, and its not feedback cause i have a noise suppressor and it does it when the guitar volume is all the way down. Also the amp is a Bugera 6262 120 watt head. Do i need one of those hum-x things you plug it into before the wall? is there any way to get rid of the noise?
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noise supressor in the fx loop along with the one in the front i use an isp g-string decimator it works great
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Purchase a noise suppressor or a pedal with one built into it. Cheaper/mid range amps tend to hum a fair bit in my experience anyway.
Do you use the FX loop?

You can get hum from running all your pedals from the same power supply. Unplug your fx loop from the amp, and your fx loop pedals from the supply.

Plug your guitar straight into the amp and see if that gets rid of it.

Try disconnecting all your pedals, and then putting them back one by one. It can be due to one effect or patch lead being dodgy.

Last option, could be your powersupply in general, check the total current draw on your pedals (google will help you on this) and then compare them to your powersupply output. If you have a 500ma powersupply and 700ma of pedals it's overworking the supply and damaging it, creating noise. You can also tell if this is the case as the powersupply will get hot after being on for awhile.

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noise supressor in the fx loop


Lcollins1's suggestion on the power supply is very interesting.
But I would've expected an overdrawn power supply either weaken the signal strength or to purely short out.
If it's only over by a few hundred miliamps then it will still operate for a limited time. It's still supplying the correct amount just inefficiently. I used to use a diago powerstation for my pedals but after alot of research I now have 2 Boss 'wallwarts' and it's the quietest my rig has ever been.

The reason I didn't mention a noise suppressor is because he already mentioned in his write up that he has one.

Noise suppressors usually eliminate hiss and not hum. Hum is usually to do with crossed ground signals.

CemetaryGates90 - Try moving the noise suppressor to your FX loop and seeing if this eliminates it.