Hey everyone we are a metal band in Central Florida! We have only been together for 6 months and we are working on eleven songs. We have a few demos up an we are currently in the studio working on our first song. So come check us out!

The song on here is a real rough draft we all messed up in it, just wanna put it up and give everyone a idea of what were about. Oh this is also the song we are recording now!

Like us if you do please! If you click the music tab there is a demo of another song! This is our first song we wrote as a group.

Thanks for checking us out! \m/
Sounds decent right now, although the rough draft song is about twice as long as it should be. There's not a whole lot of different things going on in there, so you could probably cut it down to like 3:30 and make everyone happier. Also, are there lyrics? Because it seriously sounds like "Yahjahjahbahjahjah" right now. Faking lyrics would be an odd choice, so I'm guessing there are lyrics.

The song on your Facebook is better. The beginning is really boring, but I persevered and was rewarded by some very groovy riffs in the middle of the song.

And the vocal delivery is very stereotypical "core". Work on that too.
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Thanks for the CC! Yeah the song on here has been cut by 2mins and there are lyrics set in stone now. We are working on that song in the studio now.

Facebook song is getting a lil facelift vocal wise and were looking into spicing up that intro of the FB song glad you took the time to listen and CC!
Update: Studio tomorrow. Guitars will be done for the song on our UG profile. Then Vocals then we will have a quality song up! PLZ CC we are open for it!