ok so here is what i got so far http://www.youtube.com/user/hemagoku ,got bit better after those few vids ,but not rly much ,+2 or 3 more songs ,but thing is ,i only play by tabs ,and only 1 string at a time ,for example can't do something like
am just playing for fun btw and to play songs i like (mostly japanese stuff).

example of song i want to learn ,but can't :

so questions are what should i do next ?
do i have to memorize all chords and that kind of stuff ?
whats something nice could learn from ?
learn bar chords. thats pretty much all he is playing in that vid. sure you could find some decent instructional videos on bar chords and other basic chord positions.

That example you showed that you can't play. you have to practice muting unwanted strings. it is much easier to play in rhythm as opposed to trying to just hit three strings. And on top of that it is I would say an absolute necessity as a guitar skill. you do this by resting your hand lightly over the strings. only put pressure on the notes wanted and still touch every string with you fret hand. then strum them all. eventually it will become second nature.

once you can play some chords smoothly over a couple different positions with some rhythm then i would personally learn some scales. learn them by note name and position and you will get a much better grasp on how to play songs as opposed to just reading tabs and not understanding why notes are being played. then just practice alot.

maybe hire a teacher even.
hope this helps...good luck
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Get lessons bro, they are essential at the beginning to help you develop your style in a way where you will be conscious of things like decent technique, and self taught guitarists tend to get locked into a niche stylistically more easily than those who got lessons early.