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Oh you behave just like the wind;
Ever-changing, unrelenting.
I never see you, always feel you,
Never question how long you'll stay.

The past was the morning and the future, the night.
I'd ask you to stop but I can't find my voice.
If days were lifetimes I'd feel just the same.
But I can't hold the wind so I'll hold the blame.

Is that who you are?
I seem to recall
The delicate dress,
The flower in the fall.
Is that who you are?
I never could tell
How all these threads
Would lose their hold
And fray.

For you're afraid. I know it but
Hiding it's been working so much better.
Are you tired from running?
You're mistakes have the edge of knowing where you'll turn.
I never could tell
How all these threads
Would lose their hold
And fray at the end.
Until you're undone.
Until you're undone.
Darling do your best to straighten out your spine.

But no. You bellow, not blossom, nor bloom.
I've hated your voice and longed for its tomb.
Reply, for you never have been short of the gail
To which end of the spectrum my fate should entail.
Preside over your harlequin bluff.
Tell me, please tell me. Enough is enough.
And oh, how often that I would presume
That the wind's dying down; when you only resume.
I await the weather warm
I await the calming lark.
When you're Summer's latest storm
And I'm Winter's final remark.

Still I, remember how nice a breeze could be.
And placing a flower in your hair.
And having you brush it out and blush.
And remember a flurry catch my ear.

I take back all I said...

If I could have your attention for only a moment,
Would you just dictate where the petals would fall?