Hey guys.
I just bought and installed the EMG ALX w/ the ABQ, dont get me wrong, it sounds amazing.
I do have a few issues with it. Whenever i so much as touch the volume knob on the ABQ it makes a horrible crackling noise, and i cant get the knob on. the other thing is that if i play a note/chord and stop it makes the loudest hissing noise ive ever heard, and wont go away till i play another note, then the cycle repeats.

Is there anything i can do to fix it?
Are you sure you have it wired correctly? I'm not sure about that particular model of EMG but if it's one of the active ones and is wired backwards then that could cause the noise that is supposed to be dumped to ground to come out the hot and it could cause DC current on your volume pot which would make it scratchy. Like I said, I'm not familiar with these specific EMG's but it may be a possibility to look into.
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its the passive Alexi Laiho signature model, and the ABQ is an EQ knob, that i believe scoops the mids.
yea its a passive.

i fixed the scratchy noise, it just needed a knob on it, had to use a speed knob rather than the one that came with it. still has the hissing
could you post pictures of how you have it wired?
it sounds like a ground issue.
well, turns out my problem was i had a crap lead :S all fixed now, and sounding even better