I did a search, but I didnt find anything good. I play with a pick, and like to play near the bridge. I dont do it all the time, but mostly do. I dont do it right up on the bridge, but I get really close. Will a bridge cover hinder me? how far does it cover on the strings?
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The precision bass bridge cover extends to the edge of the bridge. It won't get in the way of your playing
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Just bare in mind that if you play like I do, with the fleshy party of your hand anchored on the bridge, it might be a bit more difficult with the cover cause you'll have some added elevation. The best thing would be to find a P bass w/ cover and see if it hinders your playing. Or just buy it anyway, you can always remove it when you wanna play down there, then put it back on when you wanna look cooler 8-)

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Haha, alright. Are they really that high? But, does GC carry and basses with covers on them? Thats my closest guitar shop.
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It depends, they usually have a small but varied fender selection, you might be lucky and find one, but if you see a jazz bass with covers keep in mind it extends past the bridge pickup