Hey guys,

I recently picked up a tasty Squire affinity for $40, but it is in pretty bad shape. How much work and money would it take to put on a new guitar neck and install new picks pick ups? Any one have any suggestions of what would give it a better sound?

Don't bother, when you're paying more for pickups and other accessories than the actual guitar, you're never going to get good results. The body wood probably sucks and no matter what you pimp it with it won't sound as good as a higher quality guitar
It'll cost as much as you want it to. I'm guessing this is a strat right?

You could throw in BKPs and install an OFR if you wanted to be ridiculous about it.

I like the affinity squiers, the bodys alder (Low grade though), the necks decent, QC is a little iffy, but if you get a good one you know about it.

Changing the neck will be pretty much no effort, providing you get one that fits the measurements of your Affinity. Its not something i'd cheap out on, IMO, the quality of the neck either makes or breaks a guitar. You'll have to ask around to check if they'll fit, and look up the specs for your neck pocket.

As for pickups i'd go with some GFS (guitar fetish), tonerider something thats a deffinate improvement but not too expensive. Learn to solder, it'll cost like $7 for a decent iron and some solder, its easy as pie to replace pickups with a little research.

As well as that i'd reccomend replacing the pots and switch, some nice CTS pots make sure theyre 250k audio/log taper. A nice cap for the tone pot, an orange drop or something. Rewire the whole thing with some higher gauge more durable wire, maybe some of that vintage cloth stuff if you can be bothered.

Wax pot the pickups, get some shielding tape to cover the inside of the guitar.

As for hardware check out the GFS site again, get some locking tuners, consider upgrading the tremolo, if not, at least get a new full sized block for it and a nice graphtech nut.

After all that, I think it'd wipe the floor with any of the newer MIM standard fenders.
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he's in england so GFS isn't an affordable option. dude really for what it will cost you it's not worth it. no point in putting a cheap neck on it but even that will run you at least $70. pickups even cheap ones will be over $100, right there you have the (US) cost of a new Squier Strat. if it's in that bad of shape then not worth it. now are you sure it's really that bad or can a trip to a guitar tech knock it into at least playable condition?
No point spending money trying to upgrade a guitar that's already cheap and nasty. The amount you'd spend making it better, you could get a new and much nicer guitar.
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Thanks for the replies guys. Fair points and I am going to take it to a local guitar shop and get a professional opinion. Will then be able to make up my mind whether to put some make-up on it and take it for a night on the town
Now, I agree with most of the posts here about it not being cost-efficient and it being a better option to just buy a good guitar.
However, taking a beat-up piece of sh*t and turning it into something amazing is a worthwhile experience.

A decent neck will set you back about 100 dollars (or euros), but they're easy as pie to replace on most Strats since they're simply bolted on.
Then, you'll need a set of tuners. Depending on what kind, you're looking anywhere from 40 euros for your average run-of-the-mill tuners to 80 bucks for Schaller Locking tuners. Again, rather easy to install.
Some guitar necks will come with a nut pre-installed, but if for some reason it doesn't that would be another 20. Already you may have spent 200 euros/dollars/whatever just on the neck there.

Then there's pickups - a good set of Strat pickups will cost another 150 to 200 of whatever currency you may use, but they come pre-wired in some cases.

Add another 70 for a Strat-style tremolo, and we're looking at up to 470 €/$/whatever.
And that's not even getting into potentiometers/other not immediately obvious changes, labour if you let a tech do it, etcetera.

... Yeah, a Fender MIM Strat will cost less than completely revamping an old Squier to play and sound remotely similar to a professional level guitar.
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