Hello UGs!
I'm willing to buy an acoustic to play mostly blues songs (and obviously some basic rock chords strumming). I've been playing a vintage USA Fender for 7 years now so I can say I know some things about guitars. I had a classical guitar for 2-3 years but it was the cheapest thing I could buy back then and it was definately worse than any stringed piece of wood so it had to be sold. I don't want to spend all my savings on this but I think I can spend up to 200$ or even some more on a good buy.

I'd really like to have some suggestions from here so I don't start hitting the shops without anything specific on mind.

So, thank you in advance all!
$200 isn't a whole lot when shopping for acoustic guitars, but if you do find some stuff look for an acoustic with a smaller body. That will be better for blues.
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you don't mention what kind of blues. for starters, are you talking about old delta/country blues or more modern blues where the guitar has a bigger sound?

$200 really isn't a lot for a guitar. you're talking entry level solid top (yamaha fg700s) or medium level all laminate. there may be a washburn or two with a solid top in that price range - and solid top sounds better as the top isn't made of multiple layers of wood. my husband sometimes uses a laguna ld1 (under $200 but quite small) for slide, but although he likes the sound, the short scale of the neck makes it difficult to do slide in the upper registers.

if you're looking to play blues with a bigger sound, my lowest price suggestion is over $100 over your price range, but the yamaha listed above might do for you. it's not as deep as the martins that made more modern blues - piedmont, for example - popular. a deeper guitar that sounds more like that would be the blueridge br-40 - not a lot of other lower priced guitars have its lower voice. you might want to check out one of these
i've heard very good things about it but have only seen their all solid models in person, which were pretty good, and had a very traditional sound.

even a lower end parlor - robert johnson played parlor as did a lot of older school bluesmen - is going to cost more than this. i haven't heard the great divide parlors, but they might do for you. their lowest end model is just over $200. they don't have the wider neck that was common with old time blues, and makes it easier to play, but they might have a little of the sound you're looking for.
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