Hello all,

I'm not sure this is the best place to create this thread but any help would be appreciated. In a few weeks myself and a few friends are getting a band together for a local charity live music event. We are planning to do Plan B - She said, and i've got the guitar and bass tabs now but we can't find the music for trumpet and/or sax on the internet or in music shops. Just wondering if anyone here plays trumpet or sax and could point me in the right direction? (I know this is a guitar forum, i play guitar and always use this site, just didn't know where to go for brass )


Why don't you figure out the notes their playing and transpose it for sax and/or trumpet, its not much more then a simple melody. Keep in mind most saxe's are in Eb and Horns are commonly in F (for example if they see a C, and they play a C, out comes an F)