Hello people

Some advice on amps would be be appreciated.

I'm currently looking for a new amp, I'm looking for an amp that is going to let me get my own distinct sound from it. I'm not really interested in the amp having loads of effects or several channels as i am looking into getting some pedals including some boutique pedals to get exactly the sounds/feel i need.

The style of music i will mostly be playing is Black Keys, White Stripes & Greenhorns, noisey Garage Rock with some blues and psychedlic feel to it. I need something that can handle pedals but is going to add a nice vintage sound to my playing.

Unfortunately i don't have loads of money so i am looking at selling old amps etc to fund a new one, so something around £300 is going to be my budget.

Getting a stack isn't going to be practical as i live on the top floor in a block of flats. and it will be over kill for the sort of gigs i wil be doing (pubs bars etc) So i need a combo amp that isn't huge but still capable of being gigged.

Am i best looking for an old tube amp on ebay or is there anything out at the moment that would be ideal? i think somthing new may be the way to go as i will get a warranty etc with it.

Any advice would be helpful
can you stretch slightly? thomann does the traynor ycv50b for around £400, depending on the exchange rate, and that'd have a 3-year warranty. apparently it's a bit of a pain to change tubes on (as you have to remove the chassis, which is also dangerous if you don't know what you're doing), but aside from that you'd really struggle to beat that amp in terms of quality for the price- made in canada, plywood cab (instead of crappy mdf or particleboard which is what you usually get at that kind of money), celestion vintage 30 speaker, etc.

It is (supposedly; i've only tried the 20 and 40 watt versions) pretty marshally, though, so I'm not sure how well it'd work for the tones you're after- i guess it depends on if it's more vintage marshally or modern marshally.
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Thanks Dave MC

yeah i may be able to stretch to that much, just did a bit of reasearch on it and it is definily an option.

if you are looking for a garage rocky sound there are plenty great amps. my friend has the exact same sound you are going for. here are some of the amps he uses in conjunction with a variety of fuzz pedals:

silvertone, 1- 12" speaker (cannot remember model number)
fender music master
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