I have searched the forums for this but my trouble is slightly different...I am getting a buzzing noise when I touch the bridge or strings or anything else metal on my guitar (rather than the usual problem of buzzing stops when i touch metal). any ideas would be appreciated. My first idea was that it was a grounding issue, but is there a way of telling where the grounding is failing? I have also tried swapping the wires going to the output jack socket, to not much success.

Check the wire going from the back of the pots to the bridge.
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It's a ground problem of some sort and most likely the solution is exactly what cathbard suggested. If the bridge isn't grounded then when you touch the strings your body will act like an antenna and generate more background noise.
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thanks for these. it does not have a tremolo. it is a (i'll say this very quietly in case i get in trouble) shaftesbury ric copy from the early 70s.