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Axe-FX, Superior 2.0, SSD.

Still want to expand on it a bit and clean up the tracking too, but I'm fairly happy with the mix.

dont have time to listen to the other tracks, but i thought this one was really good... im gonna start following you on soundcloud, and you can do the same if you want, and if you could crit some of my stuff on there, i would really appreciate it.

i liked the clean mellower part in the middle when the rest of the band seems to "fall out". i thought it gave a neat atmosphere to the rest of the song, and the drum pattern behind it only added to that dynamic. awesome! cant wait to hear the finished product.
I like the choruses and the tones over all. The drums were a little too prominent and the rhythm and lead were almost indistinguishable after a while. Maybe you should pan the those tracks a little away from eachother, but I know jack about mixing so take that with a mountain of salt.

Nice solo tone again, but perhaps you should change the drumming a little near the end, the bass drum seems out of place a little. Very cool track though.

Also, how do you find the Axe-Fx? I've been itching to try one out but I dont think I'll find one around me anytime soon :p.

Check out my track and let me know what you think:

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