Hey, I wasn't really sure where to put this so I think it's best if I just put it here...

So I want to get some recording gear to lay down some tracks, and I've got all the software for it... I'm just missing the hardware... Does anyone know what stuff would be best for me? I play pop-punk/ punk-rock stuff so I'm looking a descent microphone. Kinda reasonable price in UK...
Also if anybody has any tips I'd be grateful e.g. how to get the right tone for pop-punk?

Well, you're probably going to want a decent condenser mic and an interface with phantom power. If you don't want to have to upgrade the mic for a while, I would suggest the AT4040, which isn't too expensive, I think you can find them used for about $200, maybe less. As for an interface, you might want to look at the M-Audio Fast Track II or whatever model they have that has phantom power, or a Lexicon Lambda, both of which I think you can find used for a bit over $100. They won't have enough inputs to mic drums with 6 or 7 mics though.

You're just going to have to EQ and stuff on your cleans to get a good "twinkly" tone. Maybe a bit of reverb, which you can easily add in your DAW. As for distorted pop-punk tones, I highly suggest you check out Amp Sims. There is a sticky in this forum about them that has samples of their tones. I play pop-punk too, and I always use those for my distorted sounds over my amp.