Hey all Modest Mouse lovers. I'm trying to get the MM sound from my amp and guitar.
I have a American Fender Strat and a blues Jr amp. i also have a Danny o odrive which is nice. But not what im looking for to sound like MM. Any advice? Pedals settings excreta. i know they play treble high and have heard they use a Boss bluesdriver. but idk if it would give me the same sound since he played on a twin reverb and i have a blues jr.I'm looking for the 90's modest mouse sound LCW and Longdrive really. so any help would be much appreciated thanks!
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I've talked to their amp guy before on myspace. I'll copy/paste some stuff that might be helpful
" input vol is usually around 7-8, treble 7, mid 5.5, bass 4, reverb 3-8, master about 8. you can get in the ball park with just about any tube fender, with the treble up higher than the bass. lately he's used the middle single coil on his guitar a lot live, in the past he used a filtertron in the bridge pickup pretty often, and that can get you there too.
he's got a variety of fuzzes and things, but the basic things he's used for years are a blues driver and a digital delay. at the time of the video he was probably using a boss DD-3 or DD-5, a boss BD-2 blues driver, and maybe a boss metal zone. he may have used 2-3 of the digital delays chained together. he has always preferred to put the delays at the front of his signal chain (i.e. guitar-->delay-->distortion) while most people do it the other way. this changes the sound a little, adding distortion on the repeats of the processed delay sounds.
those pedals will definitely help get closer to the sound-- the blues driver is on a lot of the time, and it adds a kind of rounded out midrange and treble. set your amp for a good clean sound instead of using the distortion on the amp, and use the blues driver for your distortion-- it's more mild than it seems. setting the amp to sound as distorted as it might sound on the record, but at a bedroom/practice volume won't get the sound, because part of that tone comes from the speakers and tubes in the amp breaking up/distorting a bit when pushed.
on the newer stuff, isaac uses a lot of boutique pedals, fuzzes, delays, and so on-- i.e. zvex pedals, SIB mr. echo, boomerang, menatone, etc.-- but the core of the sound is still the amp and a basic overdrive. "

Hopefully that helps, although he said the settings are what Isaac used for Third Planet and you were asking for settings on their earlier stuff though so eh.
In the second paragraph he says "in the video" I linked him to a video when asking about pedals he used and the video would be this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj_WjAzCpLQ
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