Hey guys, I'm looking for a new amp and need a few pointers of what exactly i should be looking for. Any kind of recommendations would be great as the school term is ending and I'll have plenty of time to pester the local music shops.

Current Equipment:

Guitar: Fernandes Ravelle Elite
Amp: Danville 80 Watt Guitar Amp w/ Celestion Speaker

Desired Use:
-Small gigs, Bars etc
-Playing at home, in a basement, recording


Pretty versatile, anywhere from
Classic Rock To Alternative and metal.
IE: The Guess who, Jeff Healey Band, Rise Against, Priestess, Breaking Benjamin etc.


400-700$ CAD
New or used, no preference.

In essence i'm wondering, should i solely be looking at tubes? And would a good combo amp be loud enough for small gigs?
Any input would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance guys,
Chances are if you are going to be playing small gigs at venues that have regular live music you amp will be mic'd up to be played through the PA so already having an 80 watt amp is plenty and certainly will be loud enough to play in pubs. Also with reference to playing at home I very much doubt (but correct me if I'm wrong) that you'll crank it up past 2 or 3, I don't and I play through a 65 watt Marshall!!

My advice would be to spend your money on effects pedals or a multi-effects board because that/they will give you the various sounds you are after spanning the different genres.

If you do have you'r heart set on a new amp then go for it, my best advice there would be to take your guitar into your local music shops and try out as many different models as you can. Everyone has different opinions on valve v's solid state and both have pro's and con's (personally I prefer valve!), but at the end of the day only you can decide what is right for you.

Hope that helps in making a decision, Jason
Peavey Valveking. probably will want a different speaker but the stock one is good enough to get you going. may even leave enough cash for a pedal or 2. i know that thee are some that will say the VK isn't all that good but personally i picked it over several more expensive amps despite the fact i could afford them. will get you close enough to the sound of the bands you mentioned.
A Jet City should suit your needs pretty well. If you can wait awhile the new JCA22 should be coming out soon, which is basically a 20 watt version of the 50 and 100 watt heads (I'm almost 100% sure about this...) It will be available in either a combo or head.

Not sure how everything translates into CAD and this would barely be under $700 USD, but a JCA50H and lower end 2x12 cab would be great. I just looked and none of the online sites have any used heads available right now, but I remember musicians friend having it used for somewhere under $450. I got mine used "condition 1" almost a year ago and it's been great. Either way they are only $500 new, one of the best values for a low budget tube amp head out there for the sound.
You can probably find a used VHT Lead 20 around that price range, and I know GC has some used Pittbull 45 combos going for $700 (USD). Or, if you want something more common, you could easily pick up one of the millions of Marshall JCM2000s floating around eBay and Craigslist.
Since you're in the Great White North, a Traynor perhaps - YCV 50 or a YCS 50 will handle hard rock
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Gotta say, thanks guys for all the responses. Starting tomorrow i'll see what I can dig up at the local music shops.

In response to BigJase though, I originally was looking for some pedals. I just honestly had no idea where to start and stumbled across quite a few people saying that even with an amazing pedal, if your amp is worn out, it just wont sound good.

I was actually looking at the Suhr Riot pedal for a while.

Either way, this has all been really helpful.
+1 to the Traynors. And you'll get patriotism points if you get one =D

Really though, awesome amps for the price used.
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