My girlfriend and I are going to see Seether Tuesday, and it's general admittance. Can't say I'm looking forward to sitting out in front of the concert hall for hours before the concert just so i can get a good seat.

Whats your preference? I like being able to show up about 30 minutes early and not have to fight over a good seat ya know.
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GA. No question.
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Seat moshing is tr00.
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GA. Seats are for pussies
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General admittance, even for classical shows. I don't see why more often than not you have to sit down, shut up and clap at the right places because the guy on stage has a violin rather than a guitar.
GA....My ex and I went to a concert..got there and there was a 300 yard line...we had pizza's so we bribed our way to about 20 feet in front of the doors....Had great seets...

Actually, I always get horrible seats with assigned seating..even when I pay for good ones...I always get some drunken loudmouth near me...I swear I have had more beer spilled on my than anyone else...God....

Yeah...+1 for GA
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Seats? At a concert? What the Hell?

seriously haha thank you.
the only concerts ive bene to that had seats were in huge stadiums that i couldnt afford general Admission.

otherwise, for metal shows etc, always GA
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It all really depends on the music and the crowd.
Seats are useful because it helps shorter ppl see the musicians. Not perfect, but it does help.
I prefer standing if I'm with friends, whenever I'm with just a girl though if it's possible I like balcony seats/standing area.
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I don't like seats for a concert. I wanna be able to move around and get up without being hassled. When I saw Roger Waters do The Wall in October some stupid ****stick behind us tried to get an usher to kick us out for standing during the opening song. Luckily the usher said we were allowed to stand
Depends on the music. I really can't be arsed to stand in the mosh with disgusting people who prefer to be obnoxius and do the windmill in my face.

If it's a rock/indie/punk gig then standing of course, but I rarely ever mosh anymore. I'd prefer to stand a bit back with a beer and a cigarette and just watch it.
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GA but I can't stand for too long without getting cramp or my legs getting tired so if it's at a festival I tend to use the fold up chairs so I can chill. I don't want to sit down and look like a div when I headbang though, that's no fun.
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GA, every time. It's all part of the gigging experience. If you really want to see the band(s) you paid good money to see, then you will turn up an hour early with a crate of beer and some snacks, to sit in the pissing November rain...then proceed to charge wholesale with 8-900 other half drunk metalheads into the arena, knocking shit over. Generally there's the people that want the barrier view...and there's enough room for them. Then there's the middle section of the area for the people in the mosh...plenty of space for them. Then there's the bit at the back for the people who want to chill with a drink, have a rest, or get checked over by the paramedics. It all works fine
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I'd prefer to stand a bit back with a beer and a cigarette and just watch it.

This man has the right idea
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This man has the right idea

sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
Depends on the band. If it were some heavy metal group I'd rather go GA and mosh. But most bands I'd scrounge together the cash for good seats. It's way better up there.
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I like to sit at the bar.

I haven't been to a big stadium type concert in years, but I always preferred sitting on the lawn.
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GA no doubt.
I went to a concert in a nicer venue with seats recently and felt rather restricted. Was still a good show though.
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