Upping the UK punx once again, I bring you ONSIND, or One Night Stand In North Dakota, a acoustic-punx duo from Pity Me, Durham. And yes that is a real place.

Anyway, yeah. Super good acoustic shizz, super cool guys, and are prossibly the only people in the world who've managed to get half a pub shouting "I'm not a heterosexual man".

Bandcamp, checkit.
I also like this band.
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Saw these guys a couple of months ago - it was a tiny punk all-dayer in a 80-person venue crammed with about 90 people. They were really good - they set up facing each other and their voices compliment each other well.

That said, I was really tired, and felt somewhat bored after the 4th or 5th song. On another day though, I'm sure I would have enjoyed them more.