So... I wanna switch from acoustic to electric and don't know what to get. I enjoy playing just about anything on acoustic, but as for electric... I want to specialize in metal (and some blues for fun). At the moment I only have an ~350€ budget. I'm thinking of choosing between the BC Rich Red Bevel Warlock set and something I've found by browsing around the website of a music store in my town: Lag Arkane a66 and Roland Cube 15x. Which is better? I've yet to find a review for that arkane... Although the Lag Arkane a100 sounds really damn nice (I hope it's not a big difference between them lol).

*Bonus question: If every stock BC Rich has the same BDSM pickups, then why ppl say Warlocks suck and Beasts and Avenges don't? Also, can you 'set/tune/however you call it' the settings of pickups(some1 told me you can, but I guess he just wanted to sell me his old guitar).
Do not go for the lower end BC Rich they are horrible, horrible quality guitars
Go with Yamaha or Ibanez, You can basically do no wrong with those two. When you start looking for better, higher quality guitars, you can expand and start checking out other brands, but for beginners.....Yamaha or Ibanez.
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Totally agree with MM14. I made a mistake as buying B.C. Rich ASM Standard as backup guitar. I still regret that I wasted my money into pile of shit.
dont buy a bc rich guitar unless its like 4000 bucks. and even then still i would not buy it.
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That's a pretty solid chunk of money for a beginner guitar.

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I've got the idea with BC Rich. But... Why doesn't any1 say anything about the arkane?

Still...If all stock BC Riches have the same BDSM pickups, then why some are better and some are worse? It just has no logic...
^ probably because they haven't tried them, lag guitars are fairly rare, certainly in the US.

I've liked the ones i've tried, but the 66 is a lower-end model than i've tried, and as such I wouldn't really want to recommend it...
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My first electric guitar was a $300 Ibanez RG2EX1, and it performed very well for my needs at the time, and it lasted me two and a half years before I sought an upgrade. The pups are (obviously) intended for metal, but they do well for a jazzy sound too.
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If you were you I'd go for an Epiphone Les Paul Special-II, i got one two days ago for £130 and they're great quality for a low price!
Any opinions on JACKSON JS30WR GMG ? Good or bad?

*Still waiting for opinions on the Lag Arkane a66.
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If you were you I'd go for an Epiphone Les Paul Special-II, i got one two days ago for £130 and they're great quality for a low price!


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If you were you I'd go for an Epiphone Les Paul Special-II, i got one two days ago for £130 and they're great quality for a low price!

Lol, your just throwing away money to buy a logo if you go for Epiphone on lower/mid-range models. Your much better off with guitars from Agile if your from the US or Vintage if your from the Europe, both are great budget guitars with the same LP, SG, etc models.

What I'm most suprised though is that you still advised that guitar for someone looking for metal.
I say steer clear of the cheap warlock. Ultimately as long as the guitar feels good in your hands and plays smoothly it will be good for you. I'm still rather fond of my Epiphone Les Paul Junior and think it's a great starter guitar. Squier Bullet Strats are also pretty nice. In that range I'd start looking at Les Paul type guitars for a beginner.
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since your looking for metal I'd recommend you get a Ibanez RG2EX1or if you can't find one get a SA120 and a vypyr or cube depending on what your prefer

Stay away from:
Squier Bullet
Epiphone Les Paul Special II (Most low end Epis as well such as the LP-100)
Low End BC Rich
Low End Jackson

Marshall MG
Line 6 Spider
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Is the Cort X1 a good guitar? Since it's the only Cort I could find on my town's shops' website. Is it better compared to the Lag Arkane a 66?
I think I've made my decision, after watching some covers done on Cort X1 and reading some reviews.

I'll buy the Cort X1 and the Roland Cube 15X (or 15XL - not sure yet). Good decision?
I recently bought a vintage v100 it's really nice, iv been playing for about 6 months and getting on really well with it had it for a week as I sold ibanez artcore . Nice finish and build, low action out of the box.
I'll throw in my two penneth worth with get a Squire (or Fender MIM) Strat or Tele if you want Single Coils or Epiphone Les Paul for Humbuckers.

Play them all and see which neck/body you like the feel of.

As above, I'd avoid BC Rich.

As for your amp choices I'd get the Cube. If you can stretch your budget or can get a bargain have a look at (and play with) the Vox VT, Fender Mustang, Peavy Vypyr or Orange Crush amps.
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Guitars. Go for either
Ibanez RG120 [got it for 200 dollars at a guitar center]
Yamaha Pacifica

Those guitars are versatile IMO

You should get a Roland Cube as your amp. Great price and great tone. I definitely recommend it.


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I'm a student. I've got no time or space for an amp!
Go to www.musiciansfriend .com and take a look at ESP's LTD M-15. I own one and for the price ( $199.99 U.S.), it's absolutely worth it. It has a ESP LS-100 Twin Blade single coil design Humbucker in the neck position and a ESP LH-100 Humbucker in the bridge position along with a 3 way pickup switch and a tune-o-matic bridge with string thru body. I've had mine for 4 months now and I use it with my band and it sounds awesome. I'm running it through a Crate GX-65 and a Digitech RP-50 effects processor. It stays in tune with no problems and the pickups have the best sustain I've ever heard for a guitar in that price range. And I'm no beginner either, I've been playing for over 36 years, so trust me on this one.
I would say to go for an Ibanez..the cheap models are pretty versatile. The RG series would best suit you, the ART series is a little too....high-gain....for blues.

A Squier Bullet Strat for $100 USD is pretty good. I would recommend that and channel all your money into a good amp. Please...please don't buy a tube amp if you are a beginner. An effect pedal would do you well if you get a simple amp. As mentioned ^^directly above me^^ the Digitech RP-50 i s good.
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Tbh I think I'll stick to Cort X1 and Roland 15XL as a final decision. That guitar gives all the bang you can get for your buck! And its looks aren't bad either...
Anyone here how owns or has ever tried a Cort X1 would like to tell me anything about that model?
yamaha pacifica+roland microcube best starter pack
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If you were you I'd go for an Epiphone Les Paul Special-II, i got one two days ago for £130 and they're great quality for a low price!


srsly, its like 2 month delayed burning wood.
^+1 ! I had no one to advise me when I bought my first guitar, so I was like "well it's from epiphone, and it looks like a les paul, I can't really go wrong".

Well HUGE mistake, there's really nothing good to be said on a Speciall II, it doesn't even look good when you see it for real (totally flat etc...).

I haven't tried so many guitars so I can't really advise you, but what I would recommend for a first guitar is this:

If you have a feeling that you'll be even half serious about guitar, then don't be worried to spend a 100 bucks more, to get something you really like (including the looks of it). If you love your guitar, you'll pick it up more often to play a bit.
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