hi , i don't know if this is the correct place to ask for help, but i need help with this solo, i don't understand how i'm ment to play it.
Song : Different World by iron maiden


Tap the 13 B , then power on the 7 pullto 5 on E , and then pull the 13 off to 8,7,5 on B?

I mean i know tapping just fine, but ive always known following a tap u pull of on the same string , and u keep going, never seen someone tap a note on one string then work on another , then back to the same one.

It's just confusing, been trying all sorts of ways, i looked at videos, no one pick the 7 then pulls it of to 5 on the E string, they do some tapping, but i just don't get it..
Can someone try explain how this done?
this should be in guitar techniques
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Well, I don't know the song, but that 7 and 5 on the E string are also the 12th fret and the 10th fret on the B String, so couldn't you just play it, 13-12-10 instead making thing alot more easier. Hope I helped.
Mhmm , i will try that, though at the speed of that solo, it's impossible to have to go to 8,7,5 after 13-12-10, but i'll give it a shot, thanks.