hi all, look im new here and i have a question im about to by an amp for my fender acoustic but someone told me about electroacoustics guitar amps are different for electric guitar...

i want to know what its the diferent and if i by and amp for and electric guitar what would br the deferent in the sound
If you want a single amp that can work for both your electric and an electroacoustic, then I would consider the SCXD. The SCXD has a setting voiced as an Acoustasonic. I've tried it with an acoustic and thought it sounded good. And I love the amp for my electric.
hi. thanks for the information.. but i really think about it but i alredy have an amp for my electic guitar, but still want to know what the big deal about acoustics amps.... i have a fender twix deluxe for my electric
The short story is they amplify a wider range of frequencies basically. A keyboard amp does the same thing.

Play your electric through an acoustic amp and the difference will be obvious.
The main difference is that acoustic amps have a high frequency horn in the cabinet that gives you that high, clean, acoustic sound. You can use an acoustic guitar with regular electric amps but it won't sound very good. Acoustic guitar amps are meant to get your guitar to sound as close to the sound of your guitar unplugged, while it's plugged in.