So, I can't find a singer and want a band. I've decided I might take it on myself to become a singer.

I can already "sing" in tune to a very few songs. I can play a note on my guitar and hit that one with my voice most of the time. Obviously if it's in my range.

I was wondering how long it'd take to get up to a decent enough standard to sing in a band? I don't want to have an amazing voice like Freddy Mercury or anyone, I just want to be able to get the job done without people wanting to gouge their ears off.
To be a "good" vocalist, rather than a passable or mediocre one, it will probably take over a year. Being "good enough" depends on the type of shows you want to play. For example, if you play at high school battle of the bands type gigs, you can become a passable vocalist in a fairly short amount of time. I would strive to do better, though, if you truly are serious about learning how to sing.
I'm looking in to lessons now as well. So far I sing songs for my wife and she gets a good laugh. At least she's being constructive and tries to correct what sounds funny.

I feel weird going for "vocal lessons," but it is my dream to be able to sing well enough to perform for friends and people so I guess I have to just get over that weirdness. I just love to sing and play... I feel amazing when I do.

Not to derail this thread, as my question is sort of on topic: What should one look for in a vocal trainer?

If I'm looking to sing classical rock, would a male vocal teacher who sings opera and classical that works in a professional teaching environment with an amazing resume be better than a classic rock vocal trainer that works out of his own house with 20ish years experience and not much in a way of a professional resume?

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Everyone learns at a different rate. It's like asking "how long will it take me to become a good guitar player?" Well... it depends. Some people just naturally "have it" (like me with guitar... or at least used to be... ) and other people, like me with singing, just really have to work at it, because they really don't just "have it."

But everyone can learn.

As far as what to look for in a teacher.... consider that you want to learn how to sing. What does that mean, exactly? To me, it means that you want to learn how to produce your voice to its greatest effect. That means that you should look for someone who will help you to produce your voice differently than what you are doing now. You are not looking to learn songs. Some teachers just teach you a bunch of songs.

So, look for someone who can express and communicate what you need to do differently, how to do it, what effect that will achieve, and why it is important that you do so. Look for someone who can see and hear when you are doing it correctly, and can help pinpoint problems and lead you towards solutions when you are not.

To me, good vocal technique is good vocal technique. You can use that for opera, rock, country, soul, pop, or whatever. My instructor was a very successful opera singer. His students included Brian Vollmer (Helix - multi-platinum selling hard rock/'80's metal), Gil Moore (Triumph - multi-platinum hard rock / '80's metal), Rita Chiarelli (dubbed "the goddess of Canadian blues" by the CBC), Daniel Lanois (yes, the guy who produced U2... roots/folk), Beverley DiAngelo (from the Vacation movies - also appears on Broadway).
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