What do you think is the best vehicle for a musician??

Consider gas mileage, storage space, accessories, safety, ect. & whatever else.

What car do you have?
What do you wish you had?
What does someone you know have that is effective??
What does someone who you know have that absolutely sucks??


I am currently car shopping. Getting to practice and local and out of town shows is important to me. Years ago, I had a '99 Subaru Outback that held all 3 band members, guitars, heads, cabs and drums with room left over for a couple book-bags, tents and a cooler of beer. We practically lived in it.

When that died, I was given a '91 Caddy Sedan DeVille that was supposed to last me 4-6 months until I could afford something better. That was 3 years ago. My cab and all of my accessories can actually fit in the trunk for security. Additional gear can fit in the cabin. Gas mileage sucks!!

Time to upgrade! I'm looking at another Subaru Outback, a Lancer Sportback and a VW GTI. Not exactly comparable cars, but I'm looking for additional ideas to test drive.
tricycle with a hitched wagon to transport your crap.

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Most bands drive vans.
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Ford Transit. Swiss Army Knife of the travelling musician.
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Ford Transit. Swiss Army Knife of the travelling musician.


Basically any type of van is ideal for lugging around halfstacks and drum kits. The Transit gets decent gas mileage for what it is, too - bonus!
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Ford Escape or Mitsubishi Outlander. Big enough to fit everyone in it but still gets good gas mileage. You can also put hitches on them so you can tow a small trailer
Nissan Leaf
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Astro Conversion Van. A lot of musicians around here use them. I'm sure it gets terrible gas mileage, though.
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The new VW SUV is supposed to have very low mileage. I believe it is called Tiguan .
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I've had a Subaru Outback for the past 4 years and I love everything about it other than the fuel economy. Plenty of room for gear and bandmates, AWD, pretty kick ass all around IMHO. I would consider another for my next car but I don't play in a band anymore and don't really have any plans to so I'll probably go with a WRX or Impreza of some sort.
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this is what i use 5.7ltr v8 and can put all the amps, gutiars, etc in the back safely.

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Just stick some casters on your amp and a saddle on top. You'll get there eventually.
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I have a Ford Mustang and yes I have traveled with a drum kit in the backseat + some of it the trunk...I also about died when I had to slam on the breaks and a cymbal just barely missed my head. I don't recommend a mustang for traveling with gear. With that said we have to take 3 vehicle because we all drive cars...and need a lot of gear.
Chevy Venture. Fits 5 bandmembers and drums guitars amps and everything and the gas is very good for its size. 19mpg on a cold day. 22-23mpg on a warmday.
There not cool looking but they work
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I have a 2007 Volkswagen Passat. It's a wagon with; AWD, 280 HP, 265 ft.lbs. of torque, and a sweet Dynaudio sound system. I can fit plenty of gear in it, it looks great, and it's loaded. I've been averaging about 25 MPG (91 octane).

Looks just like this one.

It's an excellent car for a musician.
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I've always wanted a Model T (the car and the amp), but sadly its not practical for hauling gear. An unmarked windowless van on the other hand.
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whatever you get, it's gotta have 8 cylinders, big fat tires, and everything.
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Consider gas mileage, storage space, accessories, safety, ect. & whatever else.

What car do you have?
96 Accord, racking in 34mpg@190hp. Good enough to satisfy my wallet and my needs.

What do you wish you had?
A Honda/Nissan coupè loaded with an American inline 8 cylinder.

Inline 8 [470hp min] Naturally Aspirated (or Supercharged) [that or a 6 inline Wankels]
8 speed
[1st - 3.7
2nd - 2.6
3rd - 2.2
4th - 1.8
5th - 1.4
6th - 1.0
7th - .80
8th - .60
Reverse - 3.5
Differential set at about 3.5]

14inch rim (ZR280/30 tires)

What does someone you know have that is effective?? NIssan Cube >_> gets him what he wants.

What does someone who you know have that absolutely sucks??
Chevrolet Corvette Z06. He hates it becuase he can barey pay for the gas but its the only car his parents left him when they died.
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But preferrably, this:

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Get a Ford Taurus wagon with the dohc engine. Cheap to buy, insure and maintain, good mileage, decent power (200hp/tq).