What's up guys. This is a cover of Dolphins by Andy Mckee & Don Ross. A beautiful song. You should really check out the album. I play both guitar parts because i couldn't find another guitar player who was willing to play it along with me . So i just edited these 2 recordings with a simple program. I recorded it with a mp3 player actually because i didn't have any other recording equipment at hand. But Let me know what you think!

Nice cover man... Excellent song choice too and also sounds quite good being recorded from an mp3 player!!

I've only got one cover of Mckee on my page, its "all laid back and stuff" if u wanna listen to it!! I've also 3 other covers and 4 originals if you'd like to listen to them

Thanks! Yeah i was quite surprised too when i imported the audio file from my mp3 player to my computer. Sound is oke, but can be better. I listened to your covers and your originals. I like your guitar playing and the way you add harmonics to your songs . Thinking of learning all laid back and stuff too. Do you know what tuning it is in?

Thanks for listening to my stuff A lot of them aren't really the finished product plus I have terrible recording equipment.. All laid back and stuff is played in the tuning CGDGAD. There's a good tab of it on this website so you should check it out. Its nice and relaxing to play but kinda funky at the same time
That turned out pretty well for using an Mp3 player! Was it a creative zen by any chance haha? That's what I used to use.

Great cover though! Your playing is quite good. The lead line is very sweet and the rhythm accompanies it perfectly. I'll definitely have to check this out.

I was excited to see this since I rarely see Candy Rat fans on UG. Wanna check out my cover?
He's not candy rat but it's in the same genre.
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@Artemis Entreri. Not recorded with a creative zen haha. The only zen i had broke the day after i had purchased it :P. And nice Guitar playing man, nice song with great use of harmonics.

@ Danbell: THanks for the tuning & the advise! i'll post a cover of all laid back & stuff as soon as i learned it.