What kind of 7-string is that?
You should invest in a better camera
Little mistakes here and there, but Awesome none the less.
Symphony X has some really difficult stuff to play!

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I didn't play the thing accurately, learned it by ear. I'm curious about the mistakes, where ?
Could probably help me out by improving if you tell me where.

And it's an 8 string guitar
Haha yeah like Maximumrocker said, I'd invest in a better camera. Especially if you're playing Symphony X, it's pretty much impossible to see you playing. It was sorta sloppy here and there, the beginning was a bit off and some of the tapping wasn't as clean as it could have been, though I don't blame you for that since Michael Romeo's tapping is so hard to do perfectly. Seemed a tad out of tune too. But good job overall man, any Symphony X song is a hell of a song to cover. Nice 8 string too, I play a 7 string but you one upped me

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Not at all dude, Inferno is complicated as hell and I don't know if I could do that tapping part that well, not to mention figure it out by ear.
hahah you covered a song that wasn't even released ? haha good job , I like it !
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