First up is my bass guitar, my Yamaha RBX 375 5 string bass, I love this bass, it sounds great, it's really hard to sell it but I want some new fishing gear, if I was to get back into bass i'd buy the same one back again. It is strung with brand new black Beauty strings which are $40 a set. The guitar is in good condition, it does have a ding here and there but nothing major at all.

I than have my amp- Hartke HA2000 and cab Hartke 410tp.
It sounds great, no problems at all, only flaw is the cab is a little dirty and could use a good wipe down.

I'm looking for $300 for the bass, $200 for the amp and $200 for the cab. and trades for rods/reels are appreciated!
Trying to keep it local (south florida) but if you want to pay for shipping i'll ship it.