lots of really great blues greats out there, but no tabs on them. is this becuase these artists techniques are common knowledge to everyone but me or what?
i'm talking about son house. he's written so many really great songs and while he was alive at least nobody dared called themselves the king of the blues, yet when i try to look him up i only found 1 tab of his. another is t bone walker, cited by b.b. king as a primary source, known to be one of the main contributers to the formation of the blues on the electric guitar. 9 tabs.
short answer: because it's much easier to tab out Stairway to Heaven for the 70th time.

long answer: because blues is something you need to learn by doing. no tab, book, or video will teach you how to play the blues. either that, or people just haven't gotten around to it.
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Haven't you learned? This site is for metal guitarists, unfortunately. Plus most people who enjoy the blues are too busy to make tabs because they don't live at home with mom.
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Because its just not popular on this site, but I'm sure you could google the song and at least one site would have a tab for it.

But always go to ug first.
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I always thought of blues as more of an improv way to learn, understand the chords by ear... and go from there?
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while this is probably the best tab site out there, Ezzy Bender is right, its mostly metal oriented as far as the bulk of the tabbers goes. You could try looking for a "Blues" oriented tab site or use 911 tabs, which will give you tabs and the site/s it is on.

Secondly, to paraphrase TK1, blues is more about feeling than just regurgitating anothers style, more so than other genres. There are different scales and progs. that might be deemed "bluesy" or blues style that you could look up, but ultimately your probably better off coming up with your own stuff. I realize this doesnt help you learn the song you want, but a good place to start, and you cant go wrong learning some theory and what not.
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