Posted this in gear and accseories, but everyone seemed relatively cluesless. Any help here would be awesome thanks guys.

Ok, I got a deal on a 67 bassman and a cab together. However the guy had a few speakers and cabs, and honestly the best sounding was an old peavey cab, which I'm assuming was used for bass. It's loaded with a 15 inch and two 8's however right now I'm just running through the 15 inch. He gave me the stuff to set up a crossover for the 2 8's however I know its not usually used in guitar amps i hear. Would it be worth it to set it up? Or does it sound bad? I'm honestly fine with the high's I'm getting out of the 15 inch right now, its the full sound that works well with the bassman.

If i i didn't use the crossover, would the 8 inches be useless? I'm not too keen on speakers and what not but have a general idea, and want to know before i set it up.

thanks guys
You won't need the crossover. If used, it wouldn't necessarily sound "bad", just different. The purpose of a crossover is to filter certain frequencies from the speakers in a system. Speaker sizes are intrinsically more efficient at reproducing a certain range of frequencies. Smaller speakers are better at reproducing higher frequencies, and larger speakers lower frequencies. Guitar and bass speakers are designed to reproduce guitar and bass frequencies. Playing a guitar through a speaker designed for bass will remove much of the middle to high frequencies that would be more prominent with a smaller speaker. The lower frequencies will be more pronounced. Some people like that sound, some people don't. Depending on your amp and the speakers' impedance, you may or may not be able to connect the 8" speakers to boost the mid/high range.