Orange Amplifiers Crush PiX CR50BXT 50W 1x12 Bass Combo Amp

Ibanez SW80 80W 1x15 Soundwave Bass Combo Amp

Peavey MAX 115 Bass Combo

Roland Cube-30 Bass Combo 1X10 Amp

I have about $250 - $300 to spend and these are the ones I am looking at.

I'm looking for something that has a lot of range (as in, being able to play lots of genres), though I will play a lot of thrash metal and alt rock. Any additional cool features would be nice too.

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Personally, I'd go for the Orange. I know Orange is an amazing brand, but I don't know how well it'll suit your thrash metal. To really find out, you're gonna have to go to Guitar Center and spend a solid amount of time on each amp to test them out. Even if you don't get one that fits perfectly for a certain genre that you're interested in, an amp can be as good as you make it.
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What about the Acoustic B100, 100 watt 1X15
bass combo, $250,



I agree. This or the Peavey.
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Stretch it another $40-50 and get the GK MB112 or the Acoustic B200.
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Stretch it another $40-50 and get the GK MB112 or the Acoustic B200.

This. If budget-stretching isn't an option, then either the Acoustic B100 or the Peavey.
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GK is a good brand in sound, quality, and the people behind it, same with Peavey and acoustic. These amps also have way more headroom and give you the potential to gig without upgrading, and you can turn them up or down to suit. I'm not saying orange is bad, but they are known for their high end tube amps, their solid state stuff I always assumed was like Marshall having high end tube amps, and then selling the MG series ( I could be wrong). As for your thrash tone, at your price range their will be little difference, I could see at $1500 getting a tube ampeg and getting some overdriven grind, but at $300 any amp with a good tone stack will do and if you want overdriven sound, buy a OD and compressor. Lastly Craigslist, many good finds there, you might find a great deal in these hard times.
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I agree. This or the Peavey.

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no peavy ever ever. wait..thrash metal? i guess get the peavy...lol.

for real doh...get the orange. i didnt even open the links and im telling you, ORANGE! ibanez is a good brand when you pay a lot, peavy is nothing special, and the only rolands ive heard that didnt sound like do do are old ones haha so, orange.
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He's got no hope in hell of being heard at a gig with a 50 watt 112 combo, even if it an "Orange".
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I'd prefer a new that I can purchase at Guitar Center or Musician's Friend.

And I don't think I would be gigging with it.
The peavey's good. I also like those small rolands, so if your planning on going new those would be the two i would look for.

Maybe look out for some of the small ashdown combo's. The 100 watt one with a 15" speaker, there loud enough to jam with etc etc. Maybe not to gig with, unless your di'ed and are just using it for stage monitering.
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