Currently, I have a danelectro cool cat fuzz. I've like it for a while, but I want something a little bit better.

I'm looking for a dark, grungy, high gain distortion pedal with a fuzz "edge" to it (or vice versa). I can spend 200-250 US. I play tool, mars volta, porcupine tree, deftones, etc.

I don't want a big muff. Thanks for the replies.
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Omar of TMV uses a Big Muff a lot, but you say you don't want one?
Maybe a fuzz factory or woolly mammoth type pedal, is that what you had in mind?
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Take a look at the Empress Multidrive (www.empresspedals.com I think). This pedal integrates fuzz, distortion and overdrive in one unit, and you can mix any or all three to your preferences. Very diverse. I plan on doing a product review on it in the near future.