My brain call it Boltzmann, this paradox unfoldin'
I'm on the topic roastin', I've got it cocked and loaded
This catastrophe's ultraviolet, I'll hurt your mindset
When my multi-modes vibrate, My power's infinite
When my thermal equilibrium will emit, radiation that'll make you sicker than
A bitch that gets gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, AIDS, and syphilis
Ehrenfest, watch my rigid disk
When my thoery's relative, my chaotic molecules
It makes it hard to shoot the wheel of Aristotle
Plato Socrates, you know there's no stoppin' me
While you watch me breathe, you'll be shocked to see
This anomaly, is God to ye
My philosophy is not commonly regarded to be
Met with awkward prestige, I took up grandfather killing
Traveled backwards and did it to my own kin, time's slowin'
Your mind's blowin, when I'm flowin'
Like how I handle Omnipotence
It's very rigid at points, and cluttered at others. Take a step back and work out your syllable count.

Edit: I forgot to mention how much I really liked this, by the way.
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