umm so i wrote this song called should I? Im not gonna elaborate on what it all means but its basically about trying to forgetting someones name.


here are the lyrics.

Should I forget your name?
Am i the one to blame?
Or is it all the same?
Or should I try?

Should I forget you exist?
Will I not be missed?
Should I cease and desist?
Or should I try?

and I dont think Ill ever be the same
but I have to forget your name

Every single book, and every single song
reminds me that I dont belong
yea even though the song is something like two minutes and a half I think it stops having anything new to play after the high pitched vocal line after the first chorus. but making more parts would just ruin the flow.

and as for the wet dry thing, if i added less reverb on the wet guitar and a little bit on the dry would it sound nicer?
Hey Dude thanks for your crit, and sorry that it took me so long to respond, but I was away the whole weekend

I really like the tone of the guitar and I think the wet/dry solution works prefectly. It might sound better with less reverb, but that would be something you have to try.

One thing that seems to be off is the mixing, the voice disappears nearly completely in the beginning and I'm not sure if it's on purpose. it makes it hard to follow the lyrics. Btw, your voice reminds me alot on Geoff Rickley (of course with a lot less screaming ) I really dig that.

There seems to be alot of bass in it, maybe the reverb that sounds a bit boomy, I'm not sure

Songwriting wise it's a really cool song, that might could benefit from a sudden change in the second half to make it a bit more interessting, but it is already good as it is. 9/10

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