That night the picket was quiet
the air was chilled
and so were the men
restless in their sleep,
I couldn't blame them

And then they came.
By their hundreds
and thousands.
It was a thing I could not stop,
but for that I would die,
I'd never let my mates fall.
So up they rushed,
hollering their call,
but of mateship they know,
nothing at all

So their that choco came
screaming and all
he took two grenades with him,
.303 rifle and all.

So thats why I sit here today
that dear choco,
my friend, my mate,
my saviour and all
his death meant my life
but that was my fall

Mateship, outstanding bravery,
my mate, that choco,
he wasn't even recognised at all.

God bless his soul.

*Choco* is Australian slang for the militia-men that fought on the Kokoda Track against the Japanese. Choco was the name given, because they ussaully "melted away" when the real fighting started.

*This song/poem was written in the spirit of mateship and dedicated to all those Australians who served on the Kokoda Track. Without them, we (Australians) wouldn't be who we are today. God bless their souls.

*Comments/Criticism welcome!

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