After weeks of lurking, I finally got my first axe today and I couldn't be happier with my decision.

It's an Ibanez ART100 in white.

Sadly I had to take it to a shop to get "set up" since the action was too high and I figured it would need some adjustments done and I'm scared to screw it up so I had to hand it over less than an hour after it arrived and I won't be getting it back until next week

It's gorgeous, light and feels great in my hands. My amp (Fender Mustang I) arrives tomorrow so I'm excited to get the guitar back and finally start learning to play. It came with D'addario strings so thats pretty awesome, I asked the guy at the shop not to restring it since it already has those so hopefully he'll remember since it would save me a couple bucks. They charge $35 an hour and he said it would take an hour to an hour and a half tops so it's not cheap.

I was thinking about maybe getting some inlay stickers since it doesn't have any, but I'm not sure if thats a bad idea.
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Congrats!!! I like it!

Skip the stickers, the side of the fretboard should have dots on it to help you with knowing where the frets are. Just a thought.
Grats Bro, kicks the hell outta my first axe.

And i'd leave the stickers, prevents leaning over the guitar to see the dots or tilting the guitar backwards while playing. Took me ages to get outta that habit.

- Nick

Sucks that your shop takes so long though for a simple setup on a brand new guitar.
When I bought my Jackson the floyd was wonky and the action was terrible. They set it up for free for me. Then later on there tech gave me another full set up under warranty. If this is the same shop you bought it from cant they do it free for you?
That's pretty sweet.

Pro tip: When the D'Addarios eventually give out, put on some Elixir strings. They hold their tone and feel comfortable a LOT longer than anything else on the market. They won't really save you money (they cost about 3x as much per set, while they last about 3x as long), but they will save you a lot of work.
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Yep, I use elixirs on all my guitars too.
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Congrats, I've had a couple of front fret-marker less guitars and it takes about a week to get used to. Take some time and use the side-dots and it you will get used to it.
nice guitar.

since your just starting out its probably going to be hard to tell minor differences such as strings just yet, but a pointer: most of the time strings already on a guitar are either dull or have wear/rust on them just from being on the guitar for got knows how long. i generally change em pretty soon after i get a guitar.

doesnt matter. as long as their arent rusted, your good for a while.

and yeah, if your handy with tool i suggest learning about the mechanics of guitars. not hard, and it saves you about 50 bucks. if a monkey can learn speak sign language, he could learn to set the action on a guitar.
Sweet guitar, but stay away from the stickers, they make me think of those hondas with oversized chrome wheels and shopping cart spoilers. Plus I actually like guitars with no inlays.
I agree with him ^^^

How ironic is this......you just purchased the ART100 and Fender Mustang i (great little amp)
and my favourite combo is my ART300 and my Fender Mustang iii.

You will love it!

HNGD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry if I went overboard with the exclamations.....
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Happy First Guitar Day, your gear kicks the hell out of my first guitar and amp.
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Thanks guys

I got her for $250 during the guitar center memorial day sale so it was an awesome deal. I was so anxious that I bought next day shipping, but it didn't arrive the next day so they refunded the shipping charge, so I basically got free two day shipping with it haha.

I would have gotten free set up if I bought it in-store but they didn't have it in white and the cherry red turned me off because it was only red on the front, the rest of it is black.

I'm planning on learning to adjust/repair things myself soon but I'm already overwhelmed with just learning to play the damn thing. I'm doing lessons on justinguitar.com and might take lessons in person if I can find an affordable teacher.

in the meantime I'm using my friends squier which is pretty crappy and has the most annoying fret buzz ever on the top string, I'm learning a few simple riffs for now. I learned the opening riff to "Beat It", "Crazy Train" and the very first riff of the solo from "Fallen Leaves". I think I'm picking it up quick.

The art100 really looks and feels like a $500+ guitar. It was hard to believe it was only $300 after I picked it up.
My amp finally came in figured i'd post here instead of starting a new thread. using it with my friends squier that i'm borrowing until my guitar gets finished, hopefully in the next couple days. sounds great, gets way louder than i thought it would and i love that it has a tuner built in.

i haven't really dicked around with the settings much but i think it covers a decent range of sounds. i don't know much yet though. seems solid. also picked up a 10' peavey pv series cable, should have gotten 15' but it's not horrible.

hopefully it pairs well with my art100. this squier is just so shitty.
the mustang is cool. read the manual so you know how to preset your tones. also check into the fuse software on the fender site.

also, wasn't the squier your first guitar?
The strings that came on it are already shot. The guitar cannot be set up to intonate correctly, which needs to be done after the action is changed, without putting new strings on. So call the store and tell them to change the strings when they do the setup. And $35 an hour is about as cheap as guitar work comes so be happy about it.
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also, wasn't the squier your first guitar?

He's borrowing it from a friend.

That's a real nice first guitar, and HNAD as well!
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He's borrowing it from a friend.

That's a real nice first guitar, and HNAD as well!

oops missed that part. i swear i read the thread!

congrats again TS - i'm a fan of the ibanez ARC guitars.
got the call to pick her up today, they said they hurried me to the front of the line because of how excited i was hahah. came out to about $46 so it wasn't horrible. they didn't change the strings but they feel fine to me so i think i'm good for a bit.

I'll get a better pic of her and the amp tomorrow since there aren't any good pics of the art100 on the forum from what i've seen
Those are fantastic guitars, and quite an amazing first guitar.

Can't say I had a guitar of that quality until just last year.
Wow... rarely... if ever do we see newbs making smart decisions on their first rig.

Congrats man. Nice setup for a first timer.
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