hi guys,,,i have a subwoofer tiger 1000 watt can i use my electric guitar on it?will i get
as nice sound,,,,what is the difference between sub and amps .....thnx in advance
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Not sure if serious.....

im sry but im serious i dont even have electric guitar and i really have rough budget so im sorry if its not making sense but i dont know anything about guitars so i need an answer
not really compatible although i'm sure there is a way to do it. whether it would sound good is another story. guitar is a mid-range instrument so a sub-woofer really doesn't seem like an ideal sound delivery system. you would need a preamp and power amp that are compatible.
I seriously doubt it would work. Subwoofers are meant to only go up to a few hundred hertz and a guitar needs to go to several thousand at least. The speaker itself might be OK, but it's the electronics that drive it that would be an issue. They just aren't meant for guitar work.
subs usually top out at 100-140 Hz. the lowest note on a guitar is around 100hz. it wont work beyond your lowest few notes.

it wont work. don't bother