AN exam board said sorry yesterday after pupils were set an impossible question in an AS-level maths paper.

Youngsters were left baffled by the incorrect equation, worth 11% of the exam’s marks, because it could not be solved.

They fear the blunder could affect their applications for university places next year.

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They promise to 'take the error into account when marking', but is this fair? It created added stress for pupils, and because it's 11% of the exam, some people spent a fair 30 minutes on this question, which is reasonable. Also, it could be giving the weaker students a higher grade by being over generous with the rest of the examination.

They're refusing to do an immediate re-sit, but I would personally be frustrated to shit if I had to take this exam and the last question, being that many marks, was impossible. It would make me be very uneasy not knowing how to do a hard question like that, and I would forget to look over the paper once through to see if I've made any mistakes because I'm too busy looking through my shitload of a question.

Thoughts, anyone?
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