My old thread died and I still need some advices, so Which one should I get?

A stock MIK Epiphone Sheraton II -91, No hardcase. around 370€
It's the cheapest of the bunch and I think it's the best looking one, But it has stock everything.

Epiphone Dot with Gibson Burstbucker II in the bridge, Roller bridge, Schaller tuners, Gibson knobs + Hardcase. 390€
This one is a bit more expensive, but it obviously has nice upgrades in it. I like the looks of the other guitars more, but this is the one i'm currently leaning towards.

Ibanez AS73 with a SD Seth Lover in the bridge and a SD '59 in the neck, Schaller tuners + Hardcase. 470€
The most expensive one, the second best looking one and it has some nice pickups in it.

I would also wan't to buy some new tubes and perhaps some pedals, so if I were to buy the Ibanez I probably couldn't afford to buy the new tubes.

My budget is 500€ tops and I'm planning to play some Silversun Pickups, Foo fighters, Wolfmother, The Get up kids, Jimmy Eat World and perhaps some AVA on it.
Take the one you're leaning towards. What does our opinion matter anyway?

(BTW -- I have a '99 MIK Sheraton II, all stock, that I paid $350US for w/no case. It's a good guitar and very solidly built, but you should get what you like. You'll be good with the Dot too.)
And you say the Dot is a bit more expensive but when you factor in the case it's actually the least expensive. A new HSC for the Sheraton would be about $80US probably.

Don't let the tuners influence you too much though, because the stock MIK Sheraton II tuners are very good as well. I wouldn't factor that into the decision.
I'm more worried about the pickups, altough I think the ones in the sheraton should be atleast decent. Also, the Dot has some damage from gigging, as seen in this picture:

I would also prefer really thin neck and the neck on the dot seems pretty thick. The Gibson logo is just tape
Well the '99 Sheraton II at least has a very thin neck. And the frets on mine are perfect, seriously, as stated not just by me but by a well-known luthier where I live in NYC.

That Dot looks old, and I don't know if that's good or not. With those two strange little holes in the front and the roller bridge, perhaps that used to have a Bigsby or something on it a long time ago.
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Yeah, he said it used to have a Bigsby. I check'd the serial number and this is what came up:

Your guitar was made at the
Qingdao Plant (Epiphone), China
November 2004
Production Number: 0199

It starts to seem that the Sheraton II would fit me better and it would save some money for tubes and other stuff.
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Definitely had a Bigsby style trem on it. Probably 4 matching holes at the heel since they didn't fill the ones on top in.
I have a dot, all stock and it's a beautiful guitar. The neck on mine isn't that thick but then again it's what i'm used to. I wouldn't buy the one in the pic though seeing as it's a bit battered. A stock dot costs around 300 euro. You should just get one of them and use the money you saved to mod it if that's what your into
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My budget just got increased to 800€ so now I'm confused. I could try to save until I have 1000€ and buy a Edwards E-SA-125 or something. It's a shame there ain't many semi-acoustics available atleast new between the 500€ and 800€ price range except the Ibanez AS103.

If I can't save untill I have 1000€, I will probably buy a Gibson SG Special 60`S Tribute, because I also wan't a SG and I wan't to hear how the P90's sound like.
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