I am having google problems being that I don't speak or read German, and I need to get a guitar amp, I'd prefer not having to leave the Bavaria area. So uh where is an ok/good music store is this part of Germany and what kind of amps do they carry? I would even settle for a place that sells amplitube and a stealth plug or other guitar software. Thanks for the help.
The only one I could think of http://www.musik-schmidt.de/
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The only one I could think of http://www.musik-schmidt.de/

Is probably the best store in germany, but nowwhere near bavaria. Try thomann, AFAIK they're located in Bavaria.

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Just Music is a big nationwide chain and has a shop in Munich (Hanauer Strasse) - check out their website www.justmusic.de which is also available in English.

I find thomann to be a little bit cheaper than them in general if you know exactly what you want and are ordering online, but it might be better if you can get to the Just Music stop and try a few amps out to see what suits your style.

Musikhaus korn (www.musikhaus-korn.de) also has free delivery on most online purchases I think but their website is only in German and I think their shops are all in the east of the country not Bavaria (could be wrong about that though!.) Hope that helps.

Oh and a translation tip: roehren = tubes!
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