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So listen, I'm 22, my 12-16 years were when pop punk was at its greatest. Now I'm a Jazz guitar major, minor in piano and bass guitar in performance and Commercial music technology and work on all kinds of serious shit but I still LOVE listening to the old pop punk stuff, the good stuff, the great stuff, from time to time

Old Blink (hell even newer Blink), First albums by Cartel, The Starting Line, the Ataris, Yellowcard and Fall out boy, anything by Less then Jake, New Found Glory, Punchline, Fenix TX, sum-41 and many, many more

If you still occasionally like to pull out the pop punk and rock it out and aren't afraid to admit it post it and let us know what you think the best pop punk album of ALL TIME is!
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I thrive on Pop Punk and I'm not scared to admit it.

Coming Home by New Found Glory, The Upsides by The Wonder Years, and Mutiny! by Set Your Goals are 3 personal favourites.

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Great, I love to see this. Alotta people have alotta bad things to say about pop-punk, but you know. .

The stuff reminds me of good times, and is just really fun and simple to play.

NOFX, Alien Ant Farm, Eve6, alot of the other bands you listed. New Found Glory and Good Charlotte did have some good stuff but for the most part they were just a little too poppy for me.
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