Was reading up on Avenged Sevenfold's lead guitarist gear, he has Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invaders, just out of curiosity I googled them to see how much they would cost.



Am I wrong to think this is cheap, I've never installed new pups on my guitar and I've never really looked into them. Are these expensive/average/cheap prices for pickups?
Standard price for new seymour duncans. Although the cheapest i've seen invaders for is £68
Cheap compared to Bareknuckles or other boutique pups but that's standard for Seymour Duncans.
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wow, they've gone down; used to be £68-69 at GAK. maybe it's £/$ exchange rate or something
I was just surprised to see that the pickups a guitarist uses of that kind...'calibre' using pickups at that price, I was expecting it to be in the hundreds. Do pups vary much in price?
lowest is £20-30 for humbuckers - look into irongear pickups and tonerider pickups. Most expensive brands are Bareknuckle - £100 for covered buckers, lundgren €160 for a single pickup!!! Q tuners, kinmans, kent armstrong. All boutique/cutting edge technology, very pricey. Dimarzio and SD fall into the middle - £60-80 for a humbucker
Not very many musicians use super expensive pickups - i.e. look at all the amazing players in dimarzios roster - the pups they use are no more than £80
Most expensive pickups: Seymour Duncan Silver series. They use silver wires instead of copper... That's around $2,500 a set. What's that in pounds?
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