I just got done with my freshman year of college and I've written songs for years. However, I never really came up with anything I liked, maybe a few songs that I could actually play and felt that I could perform. However, only after a couple months at university, I was turning out a few songs a week and I really liked a lot of them. Over the course of 9 months at school, I probably wrote a full albums worth of songs and a few that I liked but not enough to perform yet. Now, I have been home for a couple weeks and can't write shit. Is it possible that when your mind is stimulated constantly, all day, that you turn out better stuff in more amounts? At school, literally my whole day was devoted to school work and guitar was just to relax late at night. Now, I haven't really stimulated my mind at all (so I can rest before next semester). What do you guys think?
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ive noticed a similar sort of thing, yet slightly different. throughout high school living at home, a mixture of time and depression led to frequent pretty good songs. after getting better, going to college, and spending less time playing guitar or writing, i noticed that i wasn't able to write nearly as frequently, but when i did the songs were much better
I'm more creative behind my computer, when at school, but mostly when I'm listening to music. Genres like metal get me to write more agressive lyrics, and the more mellow the genre the more mellow I write, be it on paper or in my head. When it comes to riffs, I get my inspiration from Gabber, Hardcore and Happy Hardcore. Never enough bass.
I think every musician (and any artist in general) is affected by his or her environment. The only thing that affects my writing more than my environment is my mood.
It seems that during your semester at college that you were venting your stress through guitar. Maybe a stressful environment is good for your songwriting. Everybody has their own songwriting environment, and you seemed to have found yours.
what sort of songs are they? how you feel? what you are thinking? if it is then you are probably letting it out through songs. i wrote about 7 songs about one grl who i hate and the feeling is mutual, when i think about it at school, thats when the music comes to me. but the lyrics, i just turned my attention to one specifc thing, and that cleared me up
I never noticed it until I went on a cruise. Since it was a whole new place and atmosphere, I came back with lots of inspiration and hundreds of sets of lyrics.