I'm assuming this is supposed to be funny, because you look ridiculous in your pictures, what with the bandanas and the weird-ass gang sign thing you're throwing, not to mention that your lyrics are awful, even as far as the horrorcore type stuff you seem to be aiming for goes.

In other news, here's an attempt at legitimate musical critique: Your samples need a bit of help. "Living To Die" was the best in terms of samples, but a little variation, a different hook every once in a while, would be nice. "Weed Run" was the worst overall. The samples were obnoxious, and it really showed off how sad your collective sense of rhythm is. Your lyrics in general are cringe-worthy, and you try to say so much that you're forced to break out of what little rhythm you had to begin with. For starters, try to think of different ways to say what you want. Then think of different things to want to say, because weed and dying is far too cliche.