Recorded this real late last night, right before I went to bed like 3 am. Listened to it when I woke up and decided it was actually kinda cool, figured I'd throw it up here. I was trying to be a little bit more structured and rhythmic, less all over the place. I mean it was still all 1 take, improv, but if you've listened to my other recent recordings I think you'll understand what I mean. C4C as always - hope you dig it.

Its on my soundcloud, called "Progressive?"

Great job dude! I like how it progressed from the beginning to the end.I also liked the effects in the beginning,the thrash of your guitar in the middle. Thumbs up to you!

_Yeah I play heavier riffs in the morning too;that's why I play alot in the morning_
That was good the whole way through. I really liked it.
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I played this song for my sister, and she said the whole thing reminded her of a dream sequence.. and I like that! As you listen to the track, imagine that the beginning is you slipping in and out of a pleasant, dream-like state.. then you get smashed with the nightmare.